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· Biker’s Choice Wide-Tire Swingarm Kits by Zodiac allow the
use of w-i-d-e wheels and tires in a cost-effective manner. These
kits allow stock Harley-Davidson® Dyna, Softail Evolution and
Twin Cam models to accept up to a 250mm tire with only minor
· These kits are complete and include everything you need for the
· Because of the wide variety of wheels and tires available,
fenders and struts are not included in the kits. Wheels, tires,
fenders and struts are available elsewhere in this catalog.
Swingarms and Dyna struts come "raw", ready for powdercoating
or paint
· All kits come with a 3/4” axle
Note: 250 applications for chain drive only
Evolution Softail 230/250mm Wide-Tire Kits include: Tigwelded
swingarm, pivot with bolts and spacers, stainless steel fender
extension plate, crankshaft extension and nut, primary spacer and
bolts, longer inner primary mounting bolts, tranny offset plate, axle
with chrome nuts and adjusters, complete bracket and hardware kit for
the 5th transmission mounting stud and all necessary hardware and
Dyna 180/200mm Wide-Tire Kits include: Tig-welded
swingarm, wheel axle and adjusters, fender struts, extended upper
shock mounts, 25mm primary offset kit with primary spacer ring,
extended crankshaft extension and nut, extended tranny main
shaft, extended main drive 5th gear with needle bearings and
seal, extended belt pulley spacer, extended clutch pushrod, starter
jack extension, primary to transmission spacers, all hardware to
offset the primary, swingarm splash guard, spacers to offset the
right hand foot pegs and exhaust, brake caliper brackets and all
necessary hardware and gaskets.
Twin Cam Softail 240/250mm Wide-Tire Kits include:
Tig-welded swingarm, rear wheel axle, complete 25mm primary
offset kit including primary spacer ring, crankshaft extension and
extension nut, extended tranny main shaft and main drive
gearing, extended starter motor coupling, extended primary bolts,
rear caliper bracket and all required hardware and gaskets.
· Uses stock belt

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